Professional drag racing husband and wife team Grant and Debbie O'Rourke established O'Rourke Motorsport in 1997 when they decided to take what was then a hobby, to a whole new level.

Since that time, they have broken six world records, six national records, won four national titles and two Western Australian titles; while along the way they locked down countless race wins and finals appearances.

The passion that would become O'Rourke Motorsport was first sparked when Grant and Debbie took in an event at their local Sydney Dragway, fast becoming addicted to the sights and sounds of the thrilling sport of drag racing. It wasn't long before the pair decided they had to get in amongst the action, with Grant campaigning a WB Ute in Super Street from 1993 to 1996.

In 1997, they realised they had the bug - bad - and so decided to step things up with the registration of O'Rourke Motorsport and the launch of their first Supercharged Torana at Ravenswood Raceway. Wild rides including record-setting performances on a world-scale followed, before the team decided to step up to field not one, but two, professional level entries in the national title chase.

Today, this high-octane Brisbane-based pair compete in the professional Top Doorslammer (Grant) and Top Alcohol (Debbie) categories, chasing victory across the country.

You can find out more about Grant (link to his profile) and Debbie (link to her profile).

O'Rourke Motorsport - the journey so far

1993-1996 - Grant fields a WB Ute in Super Street

1997 - O'Rourke Motorsport registered as a business, the team's first Supercharged Torana launched. Within three months of their debut, the team ran under the national record at Ravenswood, before later formally resetting the national record on their way to a finals berth in Melbourne. Later that year, Grant won the local WA championship for the Super Street bracket.

1998 - Debbie decides she wants to have a go at the wheel and starts preparing herself. The team sets another national record, takes event wins, and again resets the record they broke in Melbourne the year before while going a step further to win the whole event - securing national recognition for the emerging team. On their return after this event, Debbie started licensing and unfortunately experienced a rather unusual initiation when she 'slow rolled' the car after underestimating her speed turning into the return road after completing her first full pass at 7.30 seconds at 196 miles per hour - luckily, only minor damage was sustained and Debbie was unhurt.

1999/2000 - The O'Rourke Motorsport LJ Torana gains a 'cult-like' following thanks to its wild demeanour. That enthusiasm would soon be rewarded, with a world record performance for a small-block, set at the first meeting of the 1999/2000 season with a 6.58 second, 210 mile per hour run with Grant at the wheel. Later in the season, the team would reach whole new heights by winning the Winternationals (QLD), the Springnationals (SA) and the Westernationals (WA) all in one season, while setting new national and world records! While the success was at an all-time high, it was becoming clear that the competitive margin was narrowing and the car was having to be pushed harder and harder to win, and so two new cars were began their build process (HK Monaros).

2001 - One of the HK Monaros is debuted in the professional Top Doorslammer ranks by Grant, while the other is designated for exhibitions. Before it is however, the LJ Torana is given a fitting farewell when Grant drives it to a new world record at 6.46 seconds at just over 220 miles per hour in April. The team takes on an action-packed calendar of commitments, with events every three weeks amongst many media and promotional appearances, including paid exhibition runs - all as part of an effort to expand the team's client base and their merchandise areas. Debbie also formally takes the wheel, driving the HK Monaro that had formally been for exhibitions only in the Supercharged Outlaws class.

2002 - The lows of drag racing come to town, with both Debbie and Grant experiencing spectacular accidents within just three months of each other. With clients to satisfy, the team rebuild Grant's Doorslammer within three weeks to compete at the next event.

200x - Debbie is nominated for Telstra's Business Woman of the Year Award by one of the team's clients for her management of O'Rourke Motorsport and their associated promotional busineses.